Welcome to the CubeSpawn Project.

Whats this all about?

CubeSpawn is a sub-project of a vision of the future where automation makes most of the goods we use from recycled materials and local alternative energy.

That capability is local everywhere, so that anything can be made anywhere, at its lowest cost, (cheap energy, cheap materials, minimal/no labor, minimal/no freight) hopefully too cheaply to charge for.

This ability to produce goods cheaply, and with low environmental costs is then used to build distributed resources for abundant food production, clean water and broad availability of material goods at near zero cost.

Such a resource could form the heart of communities self sufficient in material goods, thereby changing the discussion about “cost” to one of how to use a communities pool of resources to most efficiently provide for all its members by transforming what is available into what is needed with little regard to monetary cost, since it has little relevance if the basis for those goods is recycled and the energy is captured from sun wind or water

This kind of approach incentivizes conservation as a practical matter, trash is a valuable source of “free” resources: plastics, metals, chemicals can all be recovered from the waste stream, eventually landfills can be recovered as well.

A steady effort to improve processes and refine quality should lead to incremental improvements at the local level, while opening the door to global propagation of  each small improvement.