CubeSpawn Role

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CubeSpawn is at the heart of 3 main problems




This is a chicken and egg puzzle, and in my opinion most people get this part wrong:

If you start with recycling for materials, How do you build the equipment to do the recycling?

If you start with energy, same question, and without materials…?

So if you start with fabrication, and admit that this systems starting point is external to it making its own parts EVENTUALLY a realistic path emerges:

Make the fabrication equipment, Automate it. create a templateing standard for goods so you can design once, make indefinitely.

Make recycling systems, to capture some portion of the waste stream for materials.

Use the recycled materials (and new ones, until it makes sense not to) to build energy systems.

Design for recycling and upcycling, so as to capture the best, most efficient materials paths.

tweak, refine expand … forever!

This makes CubeSpawn the starting point for any other materials based solution.

Think we need more vertical farms? Design it to bootstrap from a base set of self replicating machines…

Agricultural robots? Service robots? kitchen robots? see above…

Giant distributed arrays of carbon capture machines?…

Free medical arrays for organ printing, or a desktop phamacopia… see above

Drone army… see above

in other words, once the energy/materials/fabrication matrix is operational, essentially any other solution is facilitated.

And due to the automation and template based designs, it should be easy to duplicate that solution, at high quality, anywhere else, giving physical world solution the same flexibility and low friction as software solutions. This ability exists today. But it is owned by the 1%, which means its possible and available, just not to you.

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