Month: April 2019

  • Week 17 2019

    Made the Z axis motor mount and belt tensioner this week: machined the stock to dimension then cut away all parts that did not contribute to an overall impression of bracketry… 😉

  • Week 16 2019

    More Work on the Z axis Drawing the parts and creating g-code – slow but steady!

  • Week 15 2019

    This week was focused on finishing the X, Z axis parts for the mill-cube (A small 3 axis milling machine) As you can see this has a very “mill-like” aspect to it… a lot of additional activity revolved around the external motor drivers for the mill (they are NEMA 23, the driver only direct drives…

  • Week 14 2019

    This week was focused on finishing the spindle motor bracket and z axis carriage of the “Mill Module” Other efforts focused on potential partnerships with a 3D printer vendor in China, an open source hardware advocacy group, and a city scale waste management office looking at options for their Circular economy initiative… never two consecutive…

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