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Week 25 2019

Started Drawing the Wire Routing parts for the Mill Module this week, and Setup one of the CubeSpawn 3D printers to produce the parts: Got 2 of the 4 parts printed (the second part was still printing as I left Friday)   The Blue Parts will be 3D printed Printing...

Week 24 2019

Lots of little details on the Mill Module this week, and I updated the CubeSpawn Mechanical Repository on Github with models for the basic parts of the system.      

Github Update Week 24 2019

Added STL files to the Hardware Github: Specifically I updated or added STLs and/or Sketchup models for the: Empty Cube Basic Frame (Chassis) Mechanical Module Electrical Tray Back Plane Mobile Platform (First...

Week 23 2019

Digging in to the electrical integration for the standard Electrical Module and the new configuration needed for the milling machine: The onboard Smoothie controller can natively drive NEMA 17 stepper motors, But the mill will have NEMA 23 motors, so external drivers...
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