Applications and Alliances

The Following is a list and brief summary of 3rd party & collaborative projects proposed by interested parties

Blockchain Robotics Engineering Consortium


4 projects

CubeSpawn Makerverse – gamified interface for Cubespawn

Based on EnjinCoins ERC-1155 game token environment and using the open source Godot Game Engine This project starts as a simple puzzle game, grows toward an AR/VR interface, Toolchain front-end and simulation tool for design and digital validation of digital templates for goods production it also acts as a marketplace for digital templates.

Metahub – Holochain centric Github/Documentation management mashup system for future high quality version control and metadata management of digital templates and part ontologies

Tula – R-chain-centric high speed decentralized industrial production coordination platform for global system synchronization

CubeSpawn MRO

A vertical application to produce support components for industry on the CubeSpawn Platform




Philippines Project

Propose to the Duterte administration to fund the completion of Phase 1, and focus on creating an automated path for templates for all the technical parts for applications relating to passive solar and domestic systems for a passive solar driven, energy/water/material goods self sufficient town/village start with a limited scope pilot project and release plans and training through a central campus/ pilot project

Bangladeshi Project

Very similar to the Philippine Project, with an emphasis on commercial production alongside to intentional community dimension.

Crowd Sourcing Advocates

Name, Name

Solarpunk Alliance

Michigan Technical University

This school, Via Joshua Peirce has shown interest in utilizing CubeSpawn in thier OSH curricula



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