Brief Financial History

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Several mechanism have been used to date to move the project forward.

This kind of work is not inexpensive, but I have persevered for over 20 years mostly on a shoestring, even so the cumulative total is a small fortune.

Roughly $969,000 has been invested in the project to date, although I believe the number to be somewhat higher, I can’t account for all the wages I put in back in the beginning. In the back of my mind $1.2 million stands out, but I cannot find the spreadsheet with those figures – an accountant, I am not!

Crowdsourcing: ($8,300)

Patreon – $4,000
PayPal -$4,300
Cash and Non-Cash Contributions 2006-2013 (about $200,000)

Cash and Non-Cash Contributions: 2014-2019 ($761,000)

$135,000 room, board.

$146,000 for fuel, vehicle, food and other support

$300,000 5 years @ $60,000 (Imputed Labor)

$180,000 5 years Machine shop, tooling, parts.

Good Progress was made during the 5/6 year period of these mostly non-cash contributions.

It is estimated that an additional $450,000 will be required to complete the prototype hardware to an integrated, functional level.

if you can help, or want to: Please do!

The Patreon is probable easiest. but Paypal is welcome as well. if you want to get serious, reach out.

If on the other hand, you don’t think the ability to eventually make almost anything from a digital template has value, I don’t know what to tell you.. 😉

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