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  • Week 34 2019

    Choppy week! The Hurco Mill is STILL down, looks like the Gecko motor driver has an intermittent fault… Ordered a new one. A little work on the Digital Models, Lots of work around the homestead this week on the Welding Shed. Progress!

  • Week 33 2019

    I really started digging in on the Whitepaper V2 this week, you can see the paper mid edit here: as a google doc. There was also much working on research and validation to get the whitepaper to even this incomplete state. I am following the “Farmbot” whitepaper layout, and well relentlessy edit until this conveys…

  • Week 25 2019

    Started Drawing the Wire Routing parts for the Mill Module this week, and Setup one of the CubeSpawn 3D printers to produce the parts: Got 2 of the 4 parts printed (the second part was still printing as I left Friday)   The Blue Parts will be 3D printed Printing Parts for the mill (Right)…

  • Week 24 2019

    Lots of little details on the Mill Module this week, and I updated the CubeSpawn Mechanical Repository on Github with models for the basic parts of the system.      

  • Week 23 2019

    Digging in to the electrical integration for the standard Electrical Module and the new configuration needed for the milling machine: The onboard Smoothie controller can natively drive NEMA 17 stepper motors, But the mill will have NEMA 23 motors, so external drivers are required, so the challenge is to take the 3.3 volt control Logic…

  • Week 22 2019

    Worked on Mobile Unit part acquisition, Mobile Unit steering and suspension drawings and models, but mostly focused on electronics for the Mill Module…

  • Week 21 2019

    Off the project this week – no update (although I did work on Mobile Unit steering and suspension a couple times.. 😉 )

  • Week 20 2019

    Having completed the mechanical parts, now all the minor “fit-n-finish” work to iron out any little bugs, binding, mis-alignments, scratches, etc, etc, etc… can be found and resolved, and all the components for the electrical and electronic systems can be brought together.  

  • Week 19 2019

    I have completed all 6 Custom parts for the Z Axis assembly: The Mill Module is Mechanically complete! Now I will begin on the electrical/electronics build.

  • Week 18 2019

    Plodding horizon ward… getting there… for Lo! the digital becomes atoms! And once this machines running that may become slightly more automatic… this is an exact copy of the Facebook post…  

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