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Week 18 2019

Plodding horizon ward… getting there… for Lo! the digital becomes atoms! And once this machines running that may become slightly more automatic… this is an exact copy of the Facebook post…  

Week 17 2019

Made the Z axis motor mount and belt tensioner this week: machined the stock to dimension then cut away all parts that did not contribute to an overall impression of bracketry… 😉

Week 15 2019

This week was focused on finishing the X, Z axis parts for the mill-cube (A small 3 axis milling machine) As you can see this has a very “mill-like” aspect to it… a lot of additional activity revolved around the external motor drivers for the mill...

Week 14 2019

This week was focused on finishing the spindle motor bracket and z axis carriage of the “Mill Module” Other efforts focused on potential partnerships with a 3D printer vendor in China, an open source hardware advocacy group, and a city scale waste...
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