The main mechanisms for gathering funds are listed here, they may change as different strategies are tried.

PayPal – Donate to The CubeSpawn Project

Donate through Liberapay

Support the Project on Patreon

Send the Project BTC – bc1q9r3q4em2nwvt7jjy7zl3gl5ghas04dnjkt3e5j

Send the Project ETH – 0x7bf092fb13Be0c7330d6ab8a613C92f6e34481c1

Send the project XMR – 44EswfuV9vLRuyMXFuT2GQZc13wytm4QxFQANGtbX7uc4b58mcnFV1q9PCHvcGQLDgaJ3JCecziujU2LPqtxvrboN7KSmB5

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