Phase 3

Adding Recycling systems, Mobile platforms and Power generation and all their templates to the system will be the main focus of phase 3 development, Power capture or generation could take many forms other than the gasifiers shown in the illustration, again there are too many solutions to show them all (for now at least). (as a glimpse (all at small scale): Solar Photovoltaic, Solar thermal, Wind, Wave, Hydropower, Gasification, Bio-Digestor (methane) Stirling cycle engines, Steam, and things like battery pack assembly…)

The Mobile Platforms allow for such sophisticated behaviors as selectively mining resources from random piles of waste, to stocking tool changers or materials.

It is probable that the original array will have changed dramatically by this time through additional modules for an expanded range of functions and significant changes and upgrades to the original modules.

Equally likely is the proliferation of both small (300mm) and large (1.2M, 2.4M) modules

These may be added for functions suitable to those sizes, chemical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and biological systems may be specializing by this time, as well as various niche applications are developed by separate teams.

These simplistic mobile units are a beginning of a rich ecosystem of specialized machines for mining resources from landfills and perhaps mining veins of minerals without removing millions of tons of overburden. Drones for land sea and air are likely, Agricultural robots, delivery robots, garbage collection, invasive species removal, re-wilding through artifact removal … too many possibilities to anticipate and too many applications to describe.




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