Development is envisioned in 5 broad phases:

At each phase of development, a set of working templates will be created to allow the current state of the art system to make components for its next phase.

Lowering requirements for external inputs at each phase by using alternative mechanisms, reclaimed materials and and adding fundamental component fabrication processes, is a significant part of that goal.

At some point, the threshold beyond which all external components can be precisely quantified will be reached.

Whereupon a complete “seed” kit can be devised, then refined. with the eventual goal of a complete system bootstrapping from a known quantity of initial components to a universal fabricator.

Phase 1: MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Operational Prototype Array with control software. 18 to 24 months, faster with funding.

Phase 2: Support machines for Prototype array. (Roller in-feed table for pass through machines, Panel Saw, Laser/Plasma Table, Water jet. full sheet Router) 12 additional months, less with funding

Phase 3: Power Generation, Recycling systems, Mobile platforms. – an additional 24-36 months

Phase 4: Build out Community systems: aquaponics with Fish/plants/mushrooms Scale up to larger and down to smaller systems. 24 months, but can run in parallel with phase 3

Phase 5: Building components, Transportation systems, vehicles, Transportation infrastructure. 60 months, but can begin at the completion of phase 3 with a separate team.

Phase 6: Full recursion, from mining to another complete Von Neumann probe, system can replicate from its environment may take 10 to 20 years

The Current Phase is: Phase 1 Completion Percentage: 78% – Phase 1 page

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